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Everyday is a Friday with Nawras Mousbak International

Call home at any time, on any day, for as little as 44 Bz/min using 0902

Nawras Mousbak International gives you attractive 0902 international rates and local community rates any time of the day. Call home using 0902 for as little as 44 Bz/min and call your loved ones in Oman within the Mousbak International community for only 25 Bz/min. And that’s not all! A local SMS is only 9 Bz and an international SMS to your selected country is just 35 Bz. Simply join by dialing *141*49# and select your preferred country out of the ten countries available. Send M Int to 1500 to know more.

Country Rates To subscribe, dial To cancel, dial
*Bangladesh 24Bz/min *141*0880# *141*9999#
Egypt 64 Bz/min *141*0020# *141*9999#
Ethiopia 94 Bz/min *141*0251# *141*9999#
*India 19 Bz/min *141*0091# *141*9999#
Indonesia 44 Bz/min *141*0062# *141*9999#
Nepal 64 Bz/min *141*0977# *141*9999#
*Pakistan 44 Bz/min *141*0092# *141*9999#
Philippines 64 Bz/min *141*0063# *141*9999#
Sri Lanka 64 Bz/min *141*0094# *141*9999#
Turkey 64 Bz/min *141*0090# *141*9999#

* Promotional offer , ends 19 August 2014

  • To call Home, dial 0902 prefix instead of 00 before the country code
  • Weekly fee is 399 Bz
  • All local calls not within the community will be charged at 55 Bz/min
  • To check the community, send the requested number to  80049
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